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  1. Good morning. Could you please help me complete my convention registration? I have attempted to buy a two-day, NMSHA member ticket about 4-5 times now and I have not gotten past clicking on the number of tickets I want (1). I have clicked the continue button, but nothing has happened.
    Thanks. A friend of mine has had difficulty registering, also.
    Susan Morrison

    1. Susan,

      I think all the bugs have been worked out. You can call me at work any time.Jennifer 277-0331

  2. To be able to continue after selecting your ticket you have to continue to scroll down through all the available options to find the continue button.

  3. I have attempted to register online for the NMSHA Convention numerous times and have had no luck. I do not even have a continue button on my screen.

    1. Hello! Are you still having trouble? Happy to help, and early bird online registration is open until 11:30 p.m. Wed.

  4. I click one 2-day ticket. Am I registered?

  5. I tried at least 4 times before I got the continue button.

    1. Did you get a receipt and ticket? JH

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