Loan Forgiveness

Attention school-based audiologists and SLPs.  American Education Services has posted the following message:

If you are a district employee still burdened with student debt, AES is excited to inform you about the Public Service Forgiveness Program.

Originally introduced by former President Obama, the program is designed to help eligible personnel eliminate their student debt in ten years, while remaining in their current career. Participating can cut your principal in half, and after ten years, any balance left is forgiven.

We can help you see if you can qualify for a forgiveness program and prepare all the necessary documents to make sure you are eligible. It’s all done with just a phone call.

Let’s Get Started: 844-557-9335



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  1. Howdy,
    I would like to know when the 2017 Conference Brochure will be posted. Thanks

    1. Hi Sheree. I hope very soon. We have a board meeting tomorrow, and I will have better clarity. As soon as I get the finalized brochure, I will be sure to make it available. Thank you so much for your interest in the conference. Jennifer

    2. PDF is posted under convention and online registration any day!

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